Commissioned research

In a research-action story of which I participated as field team leader, integrating the EICOS Postgraduate Program, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, government agencies and community entities, we had the opportunity to discuss the great challenges inherent in the search for the integration of diverse objectives in community action projects, so that all social actors could, together, produce social changes for the community, changes in public policies and scientific / academic knowledge.

We noted in the above that the concern with ethics and social commitment must go through every researcher, mainly the social area. We raise innumerable questions for which there seem to be no definitive or decisive answers, but that go through the professional activity of any researcher and that will demand a position at each step. The important thing, in any case, is that the researcher is aware of his responsibility as a social actor, since we all know that research is, in itself, a form of social intervention and that – it arises at the initiative of the researcher or another person, group or institution – will always be interfering in the social reality, creating demands and expectations, suggesting forms of action and raising questions, sometimes never put before. In the last analysis, these interferences / changes will end up returning to the researcher, who must reflect on the possible consequences of his work.

Are you pursuing a Scientific Research Work? What is that?

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